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My photography career started in 2014, using a Cannon kit lens for yearbook class. I quickly realized I loved telling people's stories through photography.

Growing up I would often travel the US antiquing with my mom - we're currently at 43 states and counting! I come from three generations of creative women in my family, all of whom influenced my creative passions. They have supported me in trying all mediums of art from painting to sculpting to graphic design, but photography has always remained my favorite.

Natural light and Kodak Film are the ultimate inspirations for my work. I love how colorful film can be and growing up appreciating antiques as well as art techiniques, I am eager to learn more about film! My dominate camera is however a digital Canon 5D Mark IV.. for now! 

As a freshman in college at the University of Texas I was able to study documentary storytelling and photojournalism in Prague under a National Geographic photographer. That new perspective shaped my future courses. I focused on learning about art and social change within my advertising degree. I believe that with visual storytelling you can really make a positive difference to a cause.

As of May 2022 I have graduated, starting my journey into the adult world and can't wait for what is next! 

My Story 

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