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Post Storm Swell at Manhattan Beach

First Blog Post!

I find myself out at the beach almost daily taking photos of the South Bay. I have been inspired by a few photographer role models and want to start making a blog to share my photos and experiences!

This inaugural post is from the first week of February 2023's storm swell in Manhattan Beach. Earlier this year the weather was crazy enough to hail at the beach. My hail dented car from Austin, Tx has never been so fashionable in LA before!

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark iv that I got in 2019 while studying documentary photography in Prague with Dennis Darling. I hope to continue blogging and talk more about those experiences. For now just know, I am a Cannon girl. Not for any particular reason beyond brand loyalty from the rental cameras in my 8th grade journalism.

Back to the surf.

It was one of those beautiful sunsets that makes you want to take a million photos and also throw your camera into your bag and just sit and watch the colors changing. I opted to do both.

We are keeping this short and sweet, I will eventually get the hang of this and have more profound, niche and exciting things to talk about.

Now for the photos:

Thank You!

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